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Uganda Culture & Primates Expedition

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Uganda cultural and primate’s safari features a delicious blend of Ugandan multi-culture and tradition encounters

This one-of-a-kind 5-day Uganda cultural and primate’s safari features a delicious blend of Ugandan multi-culture and tradition encounters, as well as a rare visit to the world’s most intelligent primates. It’s a one-of-a-kind 5-day adventure challenge in Uganda, Africa’s enchanting Pearl. There are over 1000 sights to see, let’s face it. Imagine strolling through a dense canopy of ancient trees, looking at various primates from end to end. You’ll be able to observe a swarm of moths and butterflies. The bush antelopes come, and you find yourself seated around a warm fire, listening to incredible African tales.
Following your hiking adventure in Kibale, you’ll embark on a cultural tour of one of Uganda’s most lively traditional institutions… You’ve arrived at the gorgeous Buganda kingdom, a 500-year-old traditional dynasty that paved the way for modern-day Uganda’s independence. You drive down the majestic ‘Kabaka – Anjagala’ mile route to the picturesque Mengo – Lubiri, the royal residence, paying special attention to the old Bulange Building.
Your participation in a scenic tour to Mukono’s flowing Ssezibwa Falls, which offers several views for nature fans, will make the next day even more enjoyable. Would you be content to miss out on all of this joy!?

Safari Highlights:

– Hiking the Ssezibwa Falls
– Chimp trekking In Kibale
– Buganda heritage trail

Safari Activities

– Birding in Bigodi Swamp
– Hiking
– Crater lakes viewing
– Photography
– Cultural Encounters
– Chimp trek excursion.
– Visiting Amabere ga Nyina Mwiru Falls
– Campfire

Additional Information

Uganda is one of the few countries in the world that can offer such a wide range of wildlife and safari experiences on a single trip. Chimp tracking in Uganda is one of the most amazing wildlife adventures on the continent. Kibale Forest National Park, Murchison Falls National Park, and Queen Elizabeth National Park are the three main chimp trekking sites in Uganda.

Because of the forest’s high population density and frequent sightings, Kibale Forest is the greatest area to go chimp trekking. One of Uganda’s most popular wildlife activities is chimpanzee trekking, which allows you to explore the world of wild chimps. Interpretive Rangers from the Uganda Wildlife Authority lead a small party (maximum of 8) into the world of the chimps.

The hikes run about three hours and include a maximum of 60 minutes with the chimps, during which you can expect to observe them from an 8-10 meter safe but intimate distance. Discover the beauty, intelligence, and social dynamics of chimpanzees up close.

Kibale Forest National Park is Uganda’s leading chimpanzee trekking hotspot, with over 1,500 chimps. The rainforest is easy to reach from Kampala or Entebbe in South-West Uganda. Chimpanzee populations are abundant in the jungle, and the park has become synonymous with chimps. There’s a 90 percent probability of seeing chimps here, and the park is perfectly positioned along the south-western safari circuit, making it easy to combine with other activities.

Permits for tracking are required and can be obtained from the Uganda Wildlife Authority. Non-residents, foreign residents, and East African citizens pay USD 200/ $150/UShs150,000 for chimp observing in Kibale National Park, USD 50/ $50/USh30,000 in Kyambura Gorge (QENP), and USD 30/ $30/UShs20,000 in Semliki Wildlife Reserve, respectively.

Chimp Tracking Regulation

It’s best to reserve your chimp permit ahead of time, especially during high seasons. Children are not permitted to track chimps. While tracking chimps, do not clutter the forest. When you have sickness or diarrhea, it is not a good idea to trace chimps. Human diseases are contagious in chimps. When near the Chimpanzees, keep a distance of roughly 8 meters. If you’re near the chimps, don’t eat. They may come and brutally take it from you.

Don’t talk too loudly, make fun of chimps, or try to intimidate or provoke them. Flash photography is not permitted. Always follow the forest guides’ directions. Before going on a hike, try to go to the toilet. Without a guide, you should not go tracking. It is not permitted to smoke when tracking chimps.

Chimp Trekking Kit

– Hiking boots

– Long sleeved shirts, long pants and Rain coat, Kibale is a rain forest.

– A pair of Binoculars

– Insect Repellant

– Packed snacks and drinking water

– Non – Flash camera

– Walking Stick, usually provided at park head-quarters after breaking.

– Carry your medicine if you have a known disease

– Wear a Mask now that we’re living in a covid prevalent era.

– Hire a porter if need be

  • Departure
    Entebbe Airport, Entebbe
  • Tour Inclusions
    Bottled water in the car
    Activities on the itinerary
    Accommodation and Meals
    Entry Fees
    Professional English-Speaking Guide
    Airport Transfers
  • Tour Exclusions
    Travel Insurance Cover
    International Airfares
    Gorilla permits
    Laundry services
    Ground Transport

Road Trip to Fort Portal Town

YAt 7:30 a.m., a delicious breakfast is served; you should get up early because your travel today is long. A 5 hours long journey to be exact. So, your tour specialist picks you up from the hotel in Entebbe, and the two of you embark on a journey of a thousand sights to the old tourist town of Fort Portal. You serve lunch in one of the various local hotel restaurants that spread along the streets. Try out the local cuisines; gosh, they'll give you a run for your money.

Please spend as little time as possible here since a fantastic adventure is about to begin. Your tour specialist will take you to Kabarore town, where you will see the picturesque 'Amabeere Ga' Nyina Mwiru.' This is the kind of place for the visitor who has a peculiar passion for culture and environment. In the evening, you go to Kibale's park gates and settle into your lodge to recover from the day's activities. Dinner will be served in about an hour.


Chimp Trekking Excursion in Kibale Forest

The tracking excursions run twice a day at 08:00 and 14:00, with the morning excursions being busier because many itineraries include a visit to the Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary in the afternoon. Chimpanzees are thought to be man's closest living relatives, sharing at least 98 percent of our DNA. Chimps eat a variety of fruits and plants, as well as insects, eggs, and meat. Aside from the chimps, there is a diverse range of avifauna. The weaver bird, Pied horn bill, Narina trogon, Hairy breasted & Yellow billed Barbets, and the Afep Pigeon are among the 400 species that inhabit here. You won't be disappointed to observe chestnut starlings and Joyful Greenbuls, among other birds. Bigodi Swamp will help you do more birdwatching activity in the afternoon.


Return Road trip to Kampala

TYou get up at 8:00 a.m., serve morning breakfast, check out of your safari home, and board the van to Kampala. Well, you might have some photo stops, as well as optional shopping for souvenirs and fast snacks. You arrive in Kampala in the afternoon, settle into your hotel, and rest up for the day's special cultural treat at the 'Ndele Cultural Center.' You will enjoy a feast of traditional dances, folk melodies, and tales at Ndele. It's just fantastic, pals, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience such cultural ecstasy. You return to your hotel for dinner and a restful night's sleep


Buganda cultural trail

Did we mention you'll be visiting a royal palace, a traditional monarchy that presided over Uganda's independence!? People, the day has arrived, and you've already had your finger-licking breakfast. So, your exciting cultural adventure begins today. We begin by touring 'Bulange House,' an old but historically significant structure. This wonderful work of art has a fascinating backstory. It was inspired by the architecture of a certain Scottish edifice that a former Kabaka of Buganda (king) admired and wished to replicate in his own country. The noble headquarters of the mighty Buganda Kingdom are housed in Bulange Building.

The royal mile road, or 'Kabaka Anjagala' as it is known locally, runs uphill to Mengo Hill and is just down the gate. One of the most beautiful historic places in the kingdom can be found here. In fact, this was the home of Uganda's first president after independence. There's a lot to see here, as I mentioned. Please wear long garments, if possible, as this is a traditional institution. At a good restaurant in town, you serve a local cuisine. You drive to the 'Buddo Naggalabi coronation grounds' in the afternoon. This is another important location in the kingdom. Did you know that all of Buganda's ruling kings receive their royal crown here? This location has so much knowledge to offer that it's a terrific day for culture buffs. For dinner and leisure, you return to your hotel


Visit to Ssezibwa Falls and the Uganda National Museum

Today is another fantastic day for you to enjoy, and here's why: Breakfast has already been served. Your tour guide has already arrived, and the obvious is true: accompany the trip to Ssezibwa Falls' appealing spur for further views. Birds, lizards, snakes, hissing falls, and, of course, the place's characteristic excitement will all be visible.

Everything that is going on here is really incredible. You hike to the top of the waterfall and let out your loudest joyous screams. It's been a fantastic journey.

Return to Kampala and visit the national museum, where you may learn about Uganda's history and see various relics with national significance. You sleep for the night, check out early the next morning, and rush to Entebbe airport to catch your home flight, not forgetting to tell your friends.

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